Single Channel Moving-Image, 30 minutes, 8 secons, 2023

"Why do you scream so quietly? is an anthology comprising short stories and videos that intertwine and engage in a dialogue with one another. These segments emerged in different phases. Some, like the conversation with the coffee machine, surfaced through language. In a way, they feel like a series of attempts to make sense of the absurdity of the world, my inner thoughts, and my surroundings—a meditation on the inevitability of living a life. The scenes set on the beach began from a visual interest. In their performative nature, I felt compelled to explore these small, repetitive rituals and once again, the absurdity of these actions. They were filmed last December (2022) at the coast near my hometown where I grew up. The movie took around 9 months to complete. Even when I had all the footage, I had no idea what kind of film I was making. The editing process felt like a form of writing. Every audiovisual aspect altered the story. The music changed the mood of the scenes, the blurriness shifted the narrative of the actions, and the recurring return to the beach setting highlighted the interconnectedness of the anthology. I am intrigued by the idea that, despite the scattered nature of the scenes, they still stem from the same person in a short period of time. Thus, there is always something connecting them.

Director, Writer, Music, Editor: Christos Mavrodis
Assistance: Haris Anastasiadis