Christos Mavrodis (b.1995) is an audio-visual artist born in Greece, currently based in the Netherlands.

To create an image, to interweave strands of life with colours and lines is the question circling Christos Mavrodis’ search. Working becomes the only viable way of expelling something troubling from his own system; of untangling the yarn of existence. Amorphous beings and unpleasant daydreams emerge from a thick consistency.
A delicate intimacy is exposed, quiet and expansive at the same time, rendered less subtle by the titles which hold matter together. Looking at his work, both a feeling of reward and melancholy crawl up one’s eyes. The thoughtfulness of his enterprise nudges our attention; we participate in this uncompromising display of vulnerabilities, resembling a muffled conversation around a crackling fire. Existential questions and notes are taking form as stories and are expressed through drawings, paintings, text, objects and audio-visual media. He is particularly interested in a fragmented way of telling these stories. He blurs and twists them in a way that it’s not clear who and what they were about in the first place. Not even to him. What matters is to follow the emotional thread they leave behind.


2019-2021 MA in Fine Arts and Design, Painting Department, Frank Mohr Institute, Netherlands
2013-2018 BA in Audiovisual Arts Department, Ionian University, Greece

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Thaw, The Wall Project, Solo Exhibition at Kunstpunt, Groningen, Netherlands
2022 Please do not feed the fairies, Solo Exhibition at Bierumer School, Bierum, Netherlands
2018 KID#22 Graduation show, Solo Art Exhibition, Municipal Art Gallery, Corfu, Greece

Group Exhibitions

2022 Like a slight hiccup, La Grange Gallery, Cernay-Lès-Reims, France
2021 Once again in one's hand, Mamamini Exhibition, Groningen, Netherlands
2021 Contemporary Narratives, London Paint Club, Online Exhibition
2021 Project Lucht. Kunstpunt, Groningen, Netherlands
2021 Detour, Former Sugar Factory, Groningen, Netherlands
2021 K41, ‘I see (it) because of you.’, Copenhagen, Denmark
2020 We Care A Lot, Online exhibition, Groningen, Netherlands
2020 Re:Mote, Re:Search Gallery, Groningen, Netherlands
2020 Re:present #1, Koepelzaal, Groningen, Netherlands
2019 What is Eros?, Momus (Museum of Contemporary Arts), Queer Arts Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece
2018 Refest in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymnon, Greece
2018 2nd Group Art Exhibition of the advanced painting workshop of the Ionian University, Corfu, Greece
2016 Walk Around Art, Corfu, Greece
2016 Art Athina, Athens, Greece
2016 1st Group Art Exhibition of the advanced painting workshop of the Ionian University, Corfu, Greece
2015 2nd Influence Festival, Karditsa, Greece


2022 Bierumer School, Bierum, Netherlands

Honours & Awards

2022 Pictoright Support Fund, Netherlands
2021 Lutch, Kunstpunt, Netherlands
2018 Art Spotlight THE 405 Magazine
2017 10th Behance Thessaloniki Portfolio Review – 1st Place, Thessaloniki, Greece